reading slump

I caught the reading slump flu…

Hello book buddies and fellow bloggers! I am in a huge book slump. It was just a couple weeks ago where I was on such a high for reading books. Then I woke up a couple weeks later and thought where has all this time gone. Its kind of scary


Anways… I plan on trying to finish Heir of Fire this week. So watch out world I am rising from the dead and getting back on top of reading!


Especially since I have two school half days(woo-hoo!). well wish me luck 🙂

Love always,




Reading Slumps

  hi guys! I have literally been on a reading slump for way to long. I have to admit. Even though this month has been super busy with visitors at my house, I always find myself having time to read. But……I don’t. It might be because of the book I’m reading currently. I am half way through it. And all I think about is “damn girl you need to finish that book”. I hope I will in these next couple of days. I need to push through this reading slump. 

P.S. I was thinking about starting a read-a-thon. What do you guys think?? Or a book club kind of thing with my followers? Let me know. 

I hope you guys are doing fantastic. Keep reading ❤

          Love always,


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